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Why Hire People with Disabilities ?

The Business and Ethical Rationale for Becoming a Disability-Confident Company

Disability Confidence = Business Improvement

A disability-confident business is able to:

  1. Unlock business improvement and innovation by creating a more accessible, efficient and disability confident workplace while enhancing employee engagement and wellbeing.
  2. Enhance productivity and reduce absenteeism by becoming more efficient in delivering the tools, flexibility and accommodations which enable every employee to realize their full potential.
  3. Build your brand reputation as a socially responsible, customer committed & sustainable business.
  4. Develop more flexible and effective people management skills, learn how to enable everyone to realize their potential.
  5. Shape more efficient and equitable labour markets, which enable every employer to more readily access an untapped reserve of talent who can contribute to business success.
  6. Respond intelligently and proactively to demographic, marketplace and regulatory shifts.
  7. Raise the profile of your commitment to improving your disability-related performance, in order to become the employer of choice for people with disabilities.
  8. Enhance the experience of every customer while driving innovation.
  9. Best practice reduces reputation, legal and operational risks while enabling a truly inclusive workplace

Benefits of Hiring People with Disability?

Workforce productivity: Typically more than ten percent of a workforce is likely to have a disability. Are we enabling them to be productive and contribute to our economy?

Accessing talent: Talented people are often needlessly prevented from applying through standard recruitment processes.

Customers: There are over one billion people with disabilities worldwide. Their families are customers and potential customers.

Reputation and Legislation: Build a positive reputation as a diverse and inclusive organization, practicing non-discrimination and meeting social goals.

Still not convinced? Hiring staff with disabilities and designing products and services for customers with disabilities have many benefits. You can expect to:

  • Widen your talent pool.
  • Expand your consumer base.
  • Retain workers.
  • Represent your customers.
  • Lower absenteeism.
  • Improve brand reputation.
  • Enhance productivity.
  • Engaged workplace culture.
  • Lower workplace risk.
  • Uphold the rights of people with disabilities.

Why Become our Member ?

BBDN is an employer’s driven network hugely supported by the private sector. It offers a complete package of preparing a disabled confident inclusive employer. By becoming member of BBDN employers will be able to

  • Share knowledge and identify good practices among employers and other stakeholders related to hiring and retention of disabled persons, development of products and services. Gain access to CV banks of skilled people with disabilities.
  • Showcase their own company’s activities and achievements in disability inclusion, which is a cornerstone of diversity and a necessity for effective CSR.
  • Participate in projects, campaigns, platforms and events that lead to a more disability inclusive labor force.
  • Get recognition for member companies as being part of a network of business persons that is representative of employers from diverse sectoral areas that are committed to the issue of disability in the workforce.
  • Gain access to products and services for companies to facilitate hiring of disabled persons and adherence to international and national labour standards related to disability and the inclusion of disability issues into corporate policies and CSR programmes.
  • Training for HR managers, thereby developing organizational human capital.
  • Establish linkages and partnerships among companies, non-governmental organizations, governments, employers’ organizations, disabled people’s organizations and international agencies to facilitate greater disability inclusion at organizational and national level.
  • Advocating for the laws that incentivize and motivate employers in promoting disability inclusion and diversity in the workplace. The Network will on the one hand advocate for such laws and on the other facilitate implementation of such laws that benefit the employers’ community such as tax incentives, quota systems etc.