Food relief support for persons with disabilities May-June 2020

COVID-19 has an immense adverse health and economic impact on all sections of society including those most marginalized such as people with different types and severity of disabilities, their families and caregivers. Matters such as social distancing become increasingly complex when one may need the assistance of a caregiver. Access to important information is often not ensured for persons with visual and hearing impairments. While any major lifestyle changes can pose a significant adjustment challenge for those with neuro-developmental/ intellectual disabilities and their families. Bangladesh Business & Disability Network mobilized an urgent appeal to provide humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable persons with disabilities in different parts of Bangladesh.

Persons with disabilities also continue to face discrimination and other barriers in accessing livelihood and income support. Sometimes it is not easy to collect various relief materials which are provided by different community supports due to their disabilities. Especially women with disabilities are suffering more in this situation.

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, Persons with Disabilities are in increased risk for exposure, complications, and death because of physical and social factors. The people with disabilities face multiple layers of challenges at this period. While people without disabilities are capable of having access to local philanthropy support, people with disabilities cannot readily access the support, nor they are able to compete for cash or in-kind support at times.

Considering all these, Bangladesh Business Disability Network (BBDN) wanted to provide support throughout the country through its Resource Members (Disability NGOs and their partnering Disabled People’s Organizations) to persons with disabilities before Eid-ul-Fitr 2020. Most of the distribution was completed before Eid (i.e. 25th May) and only a few was carried forward to first & second week of June 2020.


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