Joshiah’s Tenacity towards Success

Unilever, one of the biggest multinational companies of the world has been an active employer of i2i project where Bangladesh Business and Disability Network (BBDN) is working as an implementation partner. ULIP (Unilever Leadership Internship Program) is a three-month internship program, where screened applicants are given an opportunity to work and lead live business projects at Unilever Bangladesh Limited. Unilever has always been interested to recruit persons with disabilities for their ULIP programme.

Joshiah Sangma, a young man belonging from an indigenous community of Bangladesh, since his birth has been diagnosed with a rare medical condition called “Osteogenesis imperfecta”, informally known as the brittle bone disease. Because of this condition, Joshiah had around 40 fractures in his lifetime. He has faced many challenges and discrimination in the fields of education and career development because of his physical disability but he never gave up. He came to know about the ULIP opportunity from the i2i consortia and applied for it. He had to go through many selection stages such as written test, aptitude test, video presentations and so on, to prove himself as a deserving candidate for the prestigious internship program. I2i consortia members supported him in every stage of the recruitment process. Joshiah was finally selected for the ULIP program in the Brand Marketing department in December, 2020. His colleagues are very helpful towards him. ULIP enabled him to learn how to be an efficient young professional. His experiences in his internship have been great so far. BBDN and i2i consortia wishes Joshiah a very bright and successful future ahead.

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