What We Do

The Bangladesh Business and Disability Network will focus on the following activities, but is not intended to be exhaustive:

  • Organize a network of business persons that is representative of companies and employers’ organizations from diverse sectoral areas that are committed to the work of BBDN and to the issue of disability in the workforce.
  • Share knowledge and identify good practices among companies and employers’ organizations related to hiring and retention of disabled persons, development of products and services, CSR and related areas of business operation.
  • Develop joint products and services for companies to facilitate hiring of persons with disabilities and adherence to international and national labour standards related to disability and the inclusion of disability issues into corporate policies and CSR programmes.
  • Organize projects, campaigns, platforms and events that lead to a more disability inclusive labor force.
  • Establish linkages and partnerships among companies, non-governmental organizations, governments, employers’ organizations, disabled people’s organizations and international agencies to facilitate BBDN objectives at national level.
  • Advocate for the laws that incentivize and motivate employers in promoting disability inclusion and diversity in the work place. BBDN will on the one hand advocate for such laws and on the other facilitate implementation of such laws that benefit the employers’ community.

Employees with Disabilities
Beneficiaries working at a garments’ factory