Project Name: Mainstreaming LNOB in National Urban Policies and Programs (SDGs 11 & 6) in South Asia

Funded by: Jointly executed by UN Habitat UN ESCAP and UN OICT

Lead by: UN-Habitat

Duration: November 10, 2023 to December, 15 2023.

Background: UN-Habitat is the focal point for all urbanization and human settlement matters within the UN system. It works in over 90 countries to promote transformative change in cities and human settlements through knowledge, policy advice, technical assistance, and collaborative action. Under the theme, leave no one behind the UN Habitat joined hands with Bangladesh Business & Disability Network for a better urban future in Bangladesh.

Role of BBDN: In pursuit of its mission to promote inclusivity and accessibility for persons with disabilities, the Bangladesh Business and Disability Network (BBDN) is collaborating with UN-Habitat on five broader areas of initiatives under the project “Mainstreaming Leave no one Behind in national urban policies and programs (SDG 6& 11) in South Asia. The initiatives included;

(i) The CEO Forum: Build the Nation through Accessible & Inclusive Employment Opportunities
(ii), Capacity Building Workshop: Design for All: Disability-Inclusive Urban Planning and Infrastructure Design.
(iii) The Skills Match Initiatives.
(iv) the Accessibility Assessment at National Housing Authority.
(v) The report on Universal Access in Private-Sector Employment: Supporting the Needs of Persons with Disabilities in Infrastructure, Transport, WASH, and Housing Facilities.