Bangladesh Government’s Experience regarding employing persons with disabilities

Witness the transformative power of inclusivity in action! Join us on a heartwarming journey as K M Shahiduzzaman, Social Welfare Officer UCD-6 Mohammadpur, shares his inspiring experience with the government’s apprenticeship program for individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Through a collaboration with the Society for Education and Inclusion of the Disabled, these individuals are not only given opportunities but also guidance and training to flourish. As Shahiduzzaman beautifully puts it, they may develop slowly, but with the right support, they can blossom into invaluable employees.

Experience sharing by TEAM Group

TEAM Group, is a rapidly growing conglomerate, working in industries including RMG, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, IT & Real Estate. TEAM Group is a Founder member of BBDN and comes forward to building inclusive work environment in their factories. They have recruited employees with disabilities in their RMG factories. Here is a glimpse of experience sharing from employees and employers of TEAM Group.

Experience sharing by Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd.

Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd. has been a valued founder member of BBDN from the very beginning. They have selected a position named “Sales Support Officer” for female with disabilities. This video contains a glimpse of sharing the experience of female employees with disabilities of Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd.

Inclusion Journey of Prediction Learning Associations Ltd.

Prediction Learning Associations Ltd. has participated in BBDN’s 2nd online job fair and offered 10 vacancies in 10 positions. Finally they hired Bappy Sarkar in a position called Business Development & Training Analyst by screening and interviewing the applications received. Bappy is a person with low vision. He is capable of his job responsibilities and Prediction Learning Associations Ltd is satisfied with his performance. Bangladesh Business and Disability Network is proud to be associate with Prediction Learning Associations Ltd in their inclusion journey. CEO of Prediction Learning Associations Ltd. has shared his experience.

Experience Shared by Al Arafah Islami Bank

Visually impaired persons are the most neglected in terms of employment opportunities. Employers have lack of confidence in hiring persons with visual impairments. One of the reasons for this is that we have very little understanding of the life processes of visually impaired people. These people can prove their abilities when they get job opportunities. After hiring Fahima Khatun, Al Arafah Islami Bank is now confident enough that visually impaired people are suitable for the job. They are very satisfied with Fahima’s performance.

Inclusion Journey of Domino’s Pizza Bangladesh

Jubilant Golden Harvest Limited (Domino’s Pizza Bangladesh Limited) has started their disability inclusion journey. They hired persons with hearing and speech impairments as Guest Delight Associate in their different outlets within Dhaka city. The most inspiring initiative of Domino’s is that they have trained their workforce on sign language so that they can easily communicate with their colleagues with hearing and speech impairments. Bangladesh Business and Disability Network is proud to be associated with Domino’s in this regard.

Experience shared by DBL Group

DBL Group has been working in disability inclusion for quite a long time. Many persons with disabilities are working their happily. They have added some accessibility features in their factories. BBDN has associated them in their disability inclusion journey and listened from them about their experience.

Experience shared by employees working in Square Fashions Ltd. BBDN Founder Member

Square Fashions Ltd is one of the Founder Member of BBDN. They came forward to join the disability inclusive workforce building journey. Employees with disabilities are working there happily. BBDN team hear from them and spread the messages to others.

Experience shared by BBDN’s General Member ACI Logistics (Shwapno)

Employees with hearing and speech impairments are enjoying their job in Shwapno. They suggest their fellow friends (other persons with disabilities) to focus on improving their skills. Besides, the management of Shwapno expressed their satisfactions about the performance of the employees with disabilities.

Message from Fakir Knitwear, one of the General Members of BBDN

Message to other employers from Fakir Knitwear. Fakir Knitwear is one of the General Member of BBDN. A. F. Sayeduzzaman, GM (Operations) Fakir Knitwear has shared his point of view on the ground of employing persons with disabilities. He encourages his fellow friends (other employers) to create opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Experience shared by one of the BBDN Member Ananta Group

A glimpse of experience shared by one of the Founder Member of BBDN, Ananta Group. Syed Ishtiaq Alam, Director, Ananta Group shared his positive experience of working with BBDN and employing persons with disabilities on behalf of Ananta Group.

Experience shared by one of the BBDN Member Shin Shin Group

A glimpse of experience shared by one of the Founder Member of BBDN, Shin Shin Group. M.J.Z Hassim, CEO, Shin Shin Group shared his positive experience of working with BBDN and employing persons with disabilities on behalf of Shin Shin Group.

Experience Shared by URMI Group, one of the Founder Members of BBDN

Impression of URMI Group, one of the founder members of BBDN. They are hiring persons with disabilities and working with them for a quite long time. MD. Shahnewaz Khan, General Manager, HR Operations URMI talked about different aspects of recruiting persons with disabilities, ensuring inclusive work environment for them, providing them reasonable accommodation and way of increasing their retention rate on behalf of URMI.